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Black Otto set

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Black Otto set

Black Otto set

Black Otto set

      • A Grena velvet set, consisting of a t-shirt and shorts, is a bold and elegant choice for occasions where you want to exude sophistication and comfort at the same time. Here is a detailed description of this assembly:


      • The Grena velvet t-shirt offers a luxurious feeling and a sophisticated aesthetic. The velvet material adds a soft and silky texture, and elastic seams at the sleeves for a refined finish.


      • Velvet shorts continue the elegance of the set. The cut of the pants can be loose and comfortable, up to a short length above the knees for a more summery look. The waist can be elastic, provided with a cord for a personalized fit. The velvet material adds a subtle glow, and the stitching and details can complement the overall aesthetic.

      Additional details:

      • Pockets: The shorts can be provided with side pockets, adding functionality and a practical detail to the ensemble.
      • Decorations: Elements such as decorative seams or subtle details can contribute to the refinement of the ensemble.

      Color and style:

      • Black, garnet or turquoise are a classic choice, giving a timeless and elegant air to the whole set. The velvet adds a touch of luxury, and the shorts are suitable for a variety of events, from casual-chic dates to more elegant summer evenings.
      • In conclusion, a velvet ensemble consisting of a t-shirt and shorts is ideal for those looking for a combination between casual comfort and sophisticated elegance. This ensemble can be worn in a variety of contexts, bringing a touch of style and sophistication to every appearance.
      • *It is possible that there may be small differences in shade between the actual colors of the product/materials used and the colors displayed by the screen of the device you are using, depending on its settings.

      • It consists of 2 pieces (T-shirt and shorts)
      • Material : Velvet
      • Colors : Black , Turquoise , Garnet

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