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Black Anny skirt

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Black Anny skirt

Black Anny skirt

Black Anny skirt

The fitted midi skirt, with a slit on the leg and three applied bows, is an elegant and charming choice for a variety of occasions. Here is a more detailed description of this skirt:

The cut of the skirt is midi, that is, it reaches somewhere up to the middle of the calves, giving it a classic and elegant look. The molding on the body highlights the beauty of the silhouette and contours the natural lines of the body in a delicate and sophisticated way.

The slit on the leg adds a touch of sensuality and style, allowing freedom of movement and subtly revealing the leg while walking. This slit is placed on the side of the skirt, depending on the preferences and the specific design of the skirt.

Bows applied to the cracked part add a romantic and charming detail. These roses are made of the same material as the skirt, to create an interesting and attractive visual effect.

The choice of material can influence the overall appearance and comfort of the skirt.

The color of the skirt can be chosen according to taste and the occasion on which it will be worn. Neutral colors such as black, white or red are classic and versatile options, they can add more energy and freshness.

This fitted midi skirt, with a slit on the leg and two applied roses, is perfect for daytime or evening events, romantic meetings or other special occasions where you want to shine and feel elegant and feminine.
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Material : Crepe
Length : 90 cm

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