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Navy Blue Tennis Skirt

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Navy Blue Tennis Skirt

Navy Blue Tennis Skirt

Navy Blue Tennis Skirt

The short skirt in the style of tennis skirts is a sporty and dynamic piece, suitable for physical activities or to complete a casual and light outfit. Here is a more detailed description of this skirt:

The cut of the skirt is short and loose, usually reaching the middle of the thighs or even a little lower. This style allows easy and comfortable movement during sports activities or in everyday life.

The material is light and breathable, designed to keep you comfortable and cool during physical exercises. Usually, a technical material or synthetic fibers are used that allow air circulation and sweat evacuation.

The skirt can be equipped with an elastic waist or an elastic band to ensure a comfortable and secure fit around the waist. This detail adds more comfort and versatility, allowing you to move freely during sports activities.

The color and print of the skirt may vary depending on preferences and the manufacturer's brand. Common colors for tennis skirts are black, navy, or gray.

This short skirt in the style of tennis skirts is perfect for sports activities such as tennis, but it can also be worn for running, jogging, or other physical activities. It is a versatile and practical piece in the wardrobe of any active and sports-loving person.
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Material : Barbie
Length : 45 cm

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