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Gloria Black Dress

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Gloria Black Dress

Gloria Black Dress

Gloria Black Dress

This long dress, fitted on the body, with feathers on the sleeves and a slit on the back is a charming and elegant choice for special events. Here is a more detailed description of this dress:

The cut of the dress is molded to the body, highlighting the beauty of the silhouette and contouring the body lines in a subtle and elegant way. This cut offers a sensual and refined appearance, emphasizing the grace of the wearer.

Feathers applied to the sleeves add an element of luxury and femininity. These feathers can be evenly distributed along the entire length of the sleeves or can be concentrated at the top of the sleeves, offering a look full of grace and movement as you move.

The slit on the back is a distinctive feature that adds a touch of sensuality and elegance. This can be a subtle split that delicately reveals the lower back, or it can be bolder, going all the way to the middle of the back for a more dramatic effect.

The material of the dress can be chosen to match the atmosphere of the event and personal preferences. Common materials for an elegant long dress include satin, silk, jersey or crepe, all of which offer a luxurious texture and elegant fall.

The color of the dress can vary depending on tastes and the event. Neutral colors, such as black, white, or nude, can give a classic and refined look, while vibrant or pastel colors can add extra shine and energy.

This long dress, fitted on the body, with feathers on the sleeves and a slit on the back is perfect for gala events, balls, parties or other special occasions where you want to shine and impress. Its sophisticated and charming design will make you feel confident and extraordinary at every moment.

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  • Material : Crepe
  • Length : 160 cm

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