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Katy Fuchsia dress

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Katy Fuchsia dress

Katy Fuchsia dress

Katy Fuchsia dress

The short dress with feathers applied on the bust and fitted cut on the body is a daring and charming choice, suitable for festive events or parties. Here is a more detailed description of this dress:

This adorable dress combines elegance with a playful and modern air. The fitted cut on the body highlights the beauty of female forms, harmoniously contouring the line of the bust, waist and hips. This creates an attractive and sexy silhouette.

Feathers applied to the bust add an element of luxury and sophistication. They can be arranged on the entire bust in an artistic way, giving the dress a distinctive detail and full of personality. Feathers add extra expressiveness to the design.

The short length of the dress adds a playful air and is perfect for more relaxed events or parties.

The colors of the dress can vary from classic shades such as black or intense fuchsia to more daring and cheerful options, depending on personal tastes and the nature of the event. An important element to mention is that feathers can add a touch of color and texture, providing a nice contrast with the material of the dress.

This short dress with feathers applied on the bust and fitted cut on the body is perfect for women who want to stand out and distinguish themselves at special events. Carefully accessorized, such as a sparkling purse and elegant shoes, this dress is sure to create a memorable presence.

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  • Material : Elastic Taffeta
  • Length : 90 cm

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