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Purple Mero Dress

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Purple Mero Dress

Purple Mero Dress

Purple Mero Dress

The fitted lycra dress with long sleeves, bare shoulder and side slit is a modern and sensual choice for special occasions. Here is a detailed description of this dress:

This adorable dress is made of lycra, an elastic and comfortable material that molds elegantly to the shape of the body, highlighting the beauty of the feminine silhouette. Lycra also offers a pleasant feeling when wearing and allows freedom of movement.

The long sleeves add a touch of elegance and subtly cover the arms, contributing to the comfort and warmth of the wearer, bring an element of seduction and emphasize the grace of the shoulder area, giving a modern and attractive look.

Side curl adds a bold and sexy detail, subtly revealing the leg and offering a touch of lightness and movement while walking. The fitted cut highlights the feminine forms, giving a sensual and attractive look. Shorter dress length, depending on preferences and the nature of the event.

The color of the lycra can vary from classic shades such as black or blue to more vibrant or pastel options, depending on personal tastes. Carefully accessorized with elegant shoes and sparkling jewelry, this lycra fitted dress with long sleeves, off the shoulder and side slit is sure to turn heads and create a memorable presence.

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  • Material : Lycra
  • Length : 100 cm

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