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Mery Black Dress

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Mery Black Dress

Mery Black Dress

Mery Black Dress

The short dress with rhinestone fringes is a charming and sparkling choice for special occasions, parties or festive events. Here is a detailed description of this captivating dress:

This short dress immediately catches the eye with its design full of dynamism and shine. The rhinestone fringes, carefully added around the dress, give an element of movement and playfulness, bringing a bohemian and cheerful air. These fringes can reach different lengths and can add extra dimension and texture.

The rhinestones are carefully applied to give a shiny and glamorous effect. They can be evenly distributed or create shiny patterns and decorations, adding a touch of elegance and shine. The color of the rhinestones can be chosen to match the shade of the dress or to create a pleasant visual contrast.

The length of the dress can vary according to preferences, from an energetic mini dress to a medium length for a more elegant touch. The cut is molded, depending on the personal style and the desired comfort.

The color of the dress can vary, from classic shades such as black or red, to bolder and more vibrant options, depending on the personality of the wearer and the event for which it is chosen.

This short dress with rhinestone fringes is the perfect choice for women who want to stand out and bring a touch of sparkle to any festive event. Properly accessorized, this dress will ensure an unforgettable presence.

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  • Material : Crepe
  • Length : 90 cm

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