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Nancy Pink Dress

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Nancy Pink Dress

Nancy Pink Dress

Nancy Pink Dress

This long sequin dress with feathers on the shoulders and a side slit could be a brilliant choice for special occasions or evening events. Here is a detailed description of this dress:

This is a long dress, which usually reaches to the ankles or even below, giving an elegant and dramatic presence. The main material of the dress is sequins, which reflect the light and add a shiny and attractive look. The sequins can have various shades, from silver and gold to vibrant or pastel colors, depending on your preferences.

On the shoulders, the dress is decorated with feathers, which add an element of sophistication and femininity. These feathers can be arranged in a pattern or randomly distributed on the upper part of the dress, creating an elegant and subtle effect.

The side slit is a distinctive feature of this dress, offering a touch of sensuality and elegance. The slit can be located on one or both sides of the dress and can start at thigh level or go even higher, depending on preferences and the specific design of the dress.

This dress combines the sparkle of the sequins with the delicacy of the feathers and the sensuality of the side slit, offering a remarkable and memorable appearance for the wearer. It is perfect for evening events, balls, elegant parties or other special occasions where you want to shine and impress.

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  • Material : Sequins
  • Length : 160 cm

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