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Training Andrias Turquoise

Training Andrias Turquoise

Andrias Turquoise training

The men's velvet tracksuit is an elegant and comfortable choice for relaxing moments or to add a touch of sophistication to casual outfits. Here is a detailed description of it:

Short sleeve blouse:
The tracksuit top is made of a soft and silky velvet, which offers a pleasant feeling to the touch and a lush appearance.
Short sleeves are suitable for hot summer days or for activities that require increased freedom of movement.
The cut of the blouse is relaxed, allowing freedom of movement and optimal comfort during wear.
- The round collar offers a classic and casual look, and the ends of the sleeves and the base of the blouse are finished with a quality stitch.

Long trousers:
The pants of the tracksuit are made of the same soft and silky velvet as the blouse, offering maximum comfort during wear.
The cut of the pants is straight and slightly tapered, offering a comfortable freedom of movement.
The elastic waist allows a personalized and comfortable fit, without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the tracksuit.
The side pockets are practical for carrying small items or to warm your hands on colder days.

The velvet material adds extra elegance and sophistication to the whole piece, turning the tracksuit into a suitable option for more special occasions or to highlight your personal style.

The color and design of the tracksuit may vary depending on preferences and personal style. From classic and refined colors like black or orange, to bolder colors or modern models, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

This men's velvet tracksuit is a chic and comfortable choice to enjoy relaxing moments or to add a touch of style to casual outfits. With a combination of comfort and elegance, you will be able to feel good and look flawless at the same time.

*It is possible that there may be small differences in shade between the actual colors of the product/materials used and the colors displayed by the screen of the device you are using, depending on its settings.

    • It consists of 2 pieces (T-shirt and pants)
    • Material : Velvet
    • Colors : White, Orange, Dark green, Beige, Purple, Turquoise, Black

S, M, L, XL, XXI