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Dark green Elea dress

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Dark green Elea dress

Dark green Elea dress

Dark green Elea dress

A fitted velvet dress is an elegant and sensual choice, suitable for formal events or special evenings. Here is a more detailed description:

This exceptional dress is made of a luxurious velvet material, which adds a touch of refinement and elegance. The silky and soft texture of the velvet highlights the beauty of the silhouette and offers a sophisticated look with every movement.

The fitted cut of the dress gracefully molds to the body, highlighting the feminine lines and creating an attractive silhouette. This cut can vary from a classic, cambered line to more complex models, depending on preferences and the nature of the event.

The collar can be chosen according to preferences, from a high or round collar to a deep neckline, offering various options to add an interesting detail to the design of the dress. Cuffs or sleeves can complete the style.

The color of the velvet can influence the general atmosphere of the outfit. Classic shades such as emerald green or red are popular options, but you can also choose bolder colors or pastels depending on your preferences and the event itself.

This fitted velvet dress is a charming choice for women who want to feel elegant and sensual at special events. Carefully accessorized, such as a pair of elegant shoes and exquisite jewelry, this dress is sure to impress and turn heads.

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  • Material : Velvet
  • Length : 95 cm


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